Akira Schroder

The first gym I ever went to was to see Stewart. At the time I was a 12-year old boy who hated any form of exercise or exertion and as a result of that I was fat for my age; frankly I was more interested in playing computer games online with my friends.

My Dad forced me to go every week and I felt obligated; I went but the truth is, for the first 6 months, I hated it!

Eventually though I got used to it and it became less of a chore. Then finally something clicked. That was almost 7 years ago and I trained with Stewart twice a week every week until I went to University in 2020. I carried on with him because I actually looked forward to it.

Not only did Stewart increase my physical well being by helping me lose weight but also my mental well being. As a result of the weight loss I gained confidence and obtained a lot of self discipline. By going to the gym I had a constructive hobby that would improve my physical and mental health.

In the end it has become something fun for me to do and I enjoy doing it. My life would be drastically different in all the wrong ways if it wasn’t for the gym and consequently Stewart.

Now I train 6 days out of 7; it has become my discipline which I hope I will carry with me always.