My Training Style

I’ve spent the majority of my 25 years in the gym and fitness industry running my own personal training business. I’ve worked with people of almost every age from the young to the not so young and learnt a thing or two about why they decide to come and see a personal trainer.

What motivates you, what demotivates. What inspires, what disenchants.

My training style? One of the most common reasons for people simply giving up is boredom so that’s why I’ve formulated a training style to keep you engaged.

And that’s the value of having a good trainer; someone with experience, who loves what they do and above all, listens. It’s called personal training for a reason, so read these testimonials to find out more about me and my approach. If it’s right for you, let’s chat about what you want your fitness, strength, flexibility and nutritional journey to be and we’ll make a plan.

What the clients said

  • The first gym I ever went to was to see Stewart. At the time I was a 12-year old boy who hated any form of exercise or exertion and as a result of that I was fat for my age; frankly I was more interested in playing computer games online with my friends.

    My Dad forced me to go every week and I felt obligated; I went but the truth is, for the first 6 months, I hated it!

    Eventually though I got used to it and it became less of a chore. Then finally something clicked. That was almost 7 years ago and I trained with Stewart twice a week every week until I went to University in 2020. I carried on with him because I actually looked forward to it.

    Not only did Stewart increase my physical well being by helping me lose weight but also my mental well being. As a result of the weight loss I gained confidence and obtained a lot of self discipline. By going to the gym I had a constructive hobby that would improve my physical and mental health.

    In the end it has become something fun for me to do and I enjoy doing it. My life would be drastically different in all the wrong ways if it wasn’t for the gym and consequently Stewart.

    Now I train 6 days out of 7; it has become my discipline which I hope I will carry with me always.

    Akira Schroder
  • I had initially been rather sceptical about the benefits of a personal trainer, having been a regular gym-goer for many years and having witnessed numerous, very unimpressive personal training sessions going on around me. However, I took a session with Stewart at the suggestion of my wife and I was immediately impressed. His training is thoughtful and tailored to your specific needs and there is a clear sense of purpose and progression.

    While skiing I sustained a pretty serious shoulder injury which required surgery, once I was allowed back in the gym Stewart’s knowledge of rehabilitation exercises allowed me to get to a full recovery.

    He regularly introduces new exercises and techniques to keep things interesting and he has a strong understanding of the science behind his training methods. I have now been training with Stewart for over 10 years and I think that speaks volumes for my confidence in him.

    Anthony Riley
  • Stewart Taylor at My Personal Gym is our perfect personal trainer. My wife and I have both trained weekly with Stewart for over 10 years and he has been the guiding force in our personal journeys to whole body health. Stewart has kept us inspired, challenged and entertained in the gym and the variety of pre-planned exercises Stewart presents makes a compact space feel like it lacks for nothing compared to a larger gym. Stewart is very sensitive to the physical obstacles of age and injury (and the occasional loss of mojo) so his bespoke service flexes along the scale between rehabilitation and challenge exactly in line with his clients’ needs. Only a personal trainer can do this and Stewart Taylor does it best of all. We recommend him with great enthusiasm.

    Andrew Harting
  • Stewart has been training me for over twenty years – that in itself speaks volumes. Not being a natural keep-fit enthusiast, he has over the years converted me to believe that fitness makes a significant contribution to one’s well-being and enjoyment of everyday life. This is especially significant for someone in their middle seventies, where fitness hopefully goes some way to combating the depressing process of ageing. Stewart is no slouch when it comes to training – he certainly puts you through your paces, but he is always considerate and cracks a good joke.

    During the pandemic, he has continued to train me, albeit virtually, which at least has the advantage of me always arriving on time. Stewart is an excellent trainer, I would highly recommend him to not only a beginner but also to a seasoned enthusiast.

    Thomas D Gray
  • An article in the Evening Standard about boxing in Battersea Park caught my eye at the time. When I eventually tracked Stewart down, I was hooked and almost twenty years later I am still getting out of bed to do the impossible.

    Throughout Stewart has tailored our sessions to take account of energy levels; professional demands; and physical capacity. The sessions have varied across strength training; cardio; and all the fun of boxing.  I have always felt listened to and treated as an individual – not served up a standard programme. It’s been enormous fun and worth the effort.  And I am still boxing albeit virtually in lockdown.

    Sheila Watson

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